HBS IT 1002


  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Highly mobile unit with compact dimensions and 50% weight savings over conventional stud welding units.
  • Robust metal housing withstands rough treatment in shop and on site.
  • Especially suitable for thicker sheets of about 2 mm or higher.

Please inquire about availability in your region.

Stud Diam. Range

14 ga. - 5/8"


1000 amps


480/460 V
3 phase
50/60 Hz


35A Slow-blow

Time Control

.005 - 1.0 seconds

Current Control

100 - 1000 amps

Combo Cable


Ground Cable

2 - .98 in. thick, 16.4 ft. long

Guns Available


  • Microcontroller for precise process times, optimal functional reliability and maximum operating convenience.
  • Function monitoring for automatic function test following power-up and monitoring of all internal system functions.
  • Digital display of error codes
  • Lift test for gap welding guns and welding heads.
  • Library function for automatic specification of welding current and welding time through selection of stud diameter according to welding range (with and without shielded gas). Fine adjustment via arrow keys.
  • Process monitoring for recording and analysis of factors affecting the welding process. After each weld, the reference and actual values are compared; display of the welding energy input; switchable automatic welding stop if limits are exceeded.
  • RS232 interface for data output. Data and time of day are stored. Welding parameters of each weld are logged (only for version gas/automation/process control).


13.4" H x 11" W x 25.98" D


64 lbs.


1 year parts and labor

Please refer to the operator's manual before using.