• Low energy consumption
  • Even and minimal heat input (low distortion)
  • Very short welding time (≤ 1 second) and consequently short cycle time in production
  • No welding additives required
  • Minimum upsetting force
  • Small and even welding seam
  • Only one-sided accessibility to the work piece required
  • Low investment costs for machine technique
  • Extremely clean process (minimum development of airborne particles)
  • No reworking of work piece or welding element (thread)

Please inquire about availability in your region.

Welding Range

1/4'' to 1/2'' (M6 to M12) (pad)*

Welding Material

Steel, stainless steel

Welding Rate

10 pieces/min

Primary Power

230/460 V or 575 V, 32 A (ARC 800); 230 V (CU)

Power Source


Field Former Unit

Not controlled


  • Welding of threaded pads and welding nuts
  • Welding on punched and unpunched sheets
  • Especially suited for shop and installation applications


81.57 lbs (37 kg) (ARC 800) 52.91 lbs (24 kg) (CU) * System also suitable for stud welding

Please refer to the operator's manual before using.