Nelson N1500i


This High-Performance portable inverter stud welder can deliver 1500 amps for 3⁄4” (19mm) full base diameter stud welding. This machine is perfect for construction, shipbuilding, industrial, automotive repair and production applications. Requires less AC input power than traditional transformer rectifier system as well as producing unrivaled welds for auto-feed hand gun applications.Stud Range: 3/16” to 3/4” (5mm – 19mm)

Please inquire about availability in your region.

Stud Diam. Range

3/16" (5mm) - 3/4" (19mm)

Weld Rate

3/16" (5mm) 30 per minute
1/4" (6mm) 30 per minute
5/16" (8mm) 30 per minute
3/8" (10 mm) 29 per minute
1/2" (13mm) 19 per minute
5/8" (16mm) 8 per minute
3/4" (19mm) 4 per minute


3 Phase 208-240V, 50/60Hz @ 60A; 3 Phase 400-480V, 50/60Hz @ 30A; 1 Phase 200-220V, 50/60Hz @ 60A

Time Control

5 - 1000 ms

Current Control

50 A - 1500 A

Combo Cable

25 ft

Ground Cable

25 ft


  • User-friendly control panel with 10 preset buttons and weld quality gauge
  • Precision control at 60,000 Hz ensure the most stable arc, accurate heat input and highest quality welding process
  • Built-in weld monitoring can detect bad welds
  • Built-in weld tool monitoring detects the actual plunge time and adaptively compensates for tool wear
  • Built-in cable monitoring detects wear and loose connections
  • Nelson’s pre-programmed Stud ExpertTM can automatically select the best settings for your stud diameter; or change the settings for your ideal usages
  • Programmable pulse waveform facilitates stud welding of aluminum & other special materials
  • Designed to save electricity, reduce cable wear, and maintain arc energy despite the condition of your weld tool


16-1/2" (42 cm) H x 10-5/8" (27 cm) W x 28" (71 cm) D


79 lbs (36kg)


2 year or 1,000,000 weld warranty

Please refer to the operator's manual before using.