Nelson Pinnacle NCD+ 500b


High performance battery-powered design delivers thousands of welds from a single charge!

The Pinnacle™ NCD+ 500b is Nelson’s first stud welder powered exclusively by a rechargeable battery. This patent-pending design delivers thousands of welds on a single battery charge, from a compact, lightweight package.

The Pinnacle™ has the capacity to weld CD studs up to 3/16″ diameter, including standard tip studs, as well as Cupped Head Pins (CHP) for insulation.

Its high capacity lithium ion battery is removable for recharging, allowing continuous welding with a second battery. The battery charger requires only household 120V power.

This breakthrough combination enables CD stud welding in just about any location, without worry about finding power, or the reach of a power cord.

Please inquire about availability in your region.

Stud Diam. Range

Maximum: Pinnacle: 10ga / Pinnacle Max: 1/4"

Maximum: Pinnacle: 12 ga / Pinnacle Max: #10 (M5)


35 - 100 V

Weld Rate

70 volts: 14 studs per minute
80 volts: 12 studs per minute
90 volts: 10 studs per minute
100 volts: 8 studs per minute


115 V
6 A
60 Hz

Combo Cable

12 ft.


Cordless = Unparalleled Flexibility
Weld nearly anywhere, with no need for a power cord to limit worksite access. No power generator needed at your jobsite either!

At just 18 pounds, Pinnacle™ is easy to carry. The padded shoulder strap allows welding while carrying the unit. This welder is also designed for easy use in 2 orientations: tabletop (horizontal) and user-carried (vertical).

Peak Capacity
The Pinnacle™ battery charges fully in just 2 hours, and then delivers thousands of welds on that charge. A single battery charge delivers 2,200 12-gage pin welds!

Integrated Cable Cleat & Gun Holster
The Pinnacle’s 31 feet of welding cable allows for a wide work envelope around the welder. The integrated weld cable cleat & gun holster makes this versatile cable set very easy to manage, both at the jobsite, and in between jobsites.

Advanced Microprocessor Control
The Pinnacle’s ARM microprocessor provides control, diagnostic and safety features not found in any other pin welder.

Multifunction User Display
The Pinnacle™ uses the same clear, multi-color display as the rest of the NCD+ family, and includes Nelson’s familiar graphical gun display. This tough and versatile display shows settings, as well as helpful messages, to make set-up and troubleshooting very easy.

Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)
The Pinnacle’s rechargeable lithium ion battery has its own internal monitoring system, which protects the battery from high temperature, input overcharging, and output overload.

External Battery Charger
Battery charger is included with the welding system (120V, 6A input).

The Pinnacle™ is compatible with guns, cables and other accessories from Nelson.

No comparable CD stud welder can run continuously without an input power cord. No cord means less risk of electric shock, arc flash injury, or tripping on the power cord while working in obstacle-filled worksites. A dedicated ground conductor assures that the welder case is grounded to the weld work piece.

Assembly Quality
Pinnacle™ is built in the U.S.A., to the demanding standards of ISO9001.


13.3" H x 6" W x 11.2" D


Welder only: 18 lbs. / With Gun and Cables: 26 lbs. (Pinnacle), 35 lbs. (Pinnacle Max)

Please refer to the operator's manual before using.